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From our golf tournament Title Sponsor:

“As a proud sponsor of the 6th Annual Golf Tournament, Walton wants to congratulate all of this year’s winners and more importantly, thank Empowerhouse for the important work that they are doing in the community to combat domestic violence,” said Melanie Graf, President, Walton Development and Management, East. “It will take all of us working together to end domestic violence and abuse but with organizations like Empowerhouse leading the charge, we continue to make progress.”

From our Executive Director:

The Empowerhouse Golf Tournament was the best ever. The usual great weather delivered a crowd in good spirits. I learn a golf tidbit each year, this time – golfers prefer an overcast sky; it makes for better visibility for sending that ball where intended. Thankfully those clouds held out. As I reflect on Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and a fantastic tournament, I am grateful for the support and generosity of our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers with a special shout out to our title sponsor – The Walton Group of Companies.

Domestic violence has been in the news. Thankfully this causes a nation to have a conversation about a crime that most of the time occurs in secrecy, surrounded by silence. The silence lasts a long time for anyone experiencing it. When enough courage is amassed to speak up, to tell someone, the accounting is not always met with concern and understanding. Victims of domestic violence often encounter disbelief, judgment, and condemnation. They often are questioned, why did you endure it? What did you do to cause it? Why did you go back? Why didn’t you just leave? Why did you expose your children to it? If it was that bad, why did you marry him?

Long after a survivor of domestic violence escapes a violent relationship and moves on, the silence and secrecy continue. Most feel a burden of shame or wish to protect family members or keep their children from being exposed to the crimes of a loved one. It is rare that a survivor of domestic violence speaks publicly about violence and humiliation suffered in a relationship. Each October, however, several women in our community do respond to our request and muster the courage to speak out about a time in their lives they managed to put behind them. The Empowerhouse golf tournament, and our candlelight vigil (this year in Caroline County), both local awareness events for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month are two such occasions. We thank these brave women for breaking the silence and we also thank the tournament supporters and golfers for taking some time during your relaxing day to be acquainted with the good you are doing by supporting the Empowerhouse Golf Tournament, in its sixth year. While some women’s bravery, to speak out, provides public testimony and will keep many of you inspired for some time, the behind the scenes testimony is equally inspiring and unfortunately heard too infrequently, for their voice is just as moving.

I leave you with this powerful disclosure, provided in the usual manner, one on one. On the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I was at the Pentagon for a charity fair, organized by the Combined Federal Campaign of the United Way. As I passed out information and stated that I represented Empowerhouse, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, serving the counties of Stafford, Caroline, King George, and Spotsylvania, a petite employee of the Pentagon said to me, “I know who you are.” I said, “Great.” She said, “Many years ago, you helped me and my teenage son escape from a very dangerous relationship.” I said that I was glad she got out and thanked her for sharing this personal story. She said, “No, thank you! If it were not for your organization, I don’t know what would have become of me; I guess I’d be dead.”

• 1 in 4 women will experience severe physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner.
• Every 5 days, a Virginian is killed due to domestic violence.
• Every year local law enforcement responds to over 6,300 domestic violence related calls.
• 17-24 year olds are in the age group who are at the highest risk of suffering intimate partner violence.
• Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children.

Thanks to your help – Empowerhouse last year:
• Assisted over 2,400 women, men, and children via education groups, and support at courts and hospitals.
• Sheltered 311 women and children.
• Placed 35 adults and their children into permanent housing.
• Educated 4,000 teenagers in area schools on healthy relationships and teen dating violence.

All of the ways that Empowerhouse helps and all of the ways that we raise awareness, inspiring hope for a better future are only accomplished because of your support. You said, ‘Yes, I want to help.’ And you did.

Thank you!”

– Kathy Anderson

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2014 Golf Tournament pictures

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We are humbled and amazed by the generosity of our community!
community-give.resultsTeam Empowerhouse at midnight after meeting our goal of $80,000!

Thank you for helping Empowerhouse raise $80,068 in donations PLUS $23,500 in cash prizes from The Community Foundation and their sponsors through The Community Give. Each of your gifts put us closer to winning cash prizes. We couldn’t have done it without the 324 people who made a donation.

We are thrilled to dedicate $55,000 of your gifts toward the expansion of our shelter space so we never again have to turn anyone away.

The overwhelming outpouring of support for the needs of domestic violence survivors in our community continues to inspire us to work tirelessly on behalf of the courageous clients we serve.

We sincerely thank you for being a part of The Community Give and helping end domestic violence in our area.


kybecca Empowers the Fredericksburg Community

As the only accredited domestic violence resource in the greater Fredericksburg area, Empowerhouse addresses the needs of those who suffer in silence by providing emergency shelter, housing, court advocacy services, counseling for both survivors and their children, employment supports, and assistance in getting back on the path to safety, dignity, respect and hope. The demand for the services of Empowerhouse have unfortunately been growing – with a 76% increase in the number of women and children housed since 2009.

Beginning March 13th, thanks to the generosity of Rebecca and Matt Thomas, kybecca will feature on its menu the Pretty in Pink Cocktail. kybecca wants to help raise awareness of this critical need in our community in a delicious way. Every time a Pretty in Pink cocktail is ordered, kybecca will donate $1 to Empowerhouse. With the help of our local community, we can continue to grow so that no one in need is ever turned away.

great-joy.sub Empowerhouse has been gifted
with a second transition house!

Empowerhouse owns a new house thanks to the Sunshine Lady Foundation. As of April 25, 2013, due in large part to many generous donations, the new Empowerhouse Transition House is now open and serving families. Call and talk with Kathy if you are able to provide a financial contribution to help keep the house running or use our Donate button on the right margin.

Empowerhouse Transition House

Rappahannock Council on Domestic Violence has changed its name to Empowerhouse, Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence. We are celebrating this effort to help survivors move beyond victimization to healing and empowerment.
The mission, to empower survivors of domestic violence and their children to believe in themselves and build new lives filled with dignity, respect, safety and hope; and vision: to create a diverse network of community members working together to promote safe relationships, homes and communities, remain the same.  [from the May 15 2012 press release]

Telling Amy’s Story: Learn more about the devastating impact of domestic violence through the recently released documentary, Telling Amy’s Story.
Watch the Trailer  Read Susan Butta’s Review

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